New Telescope Invented, Seven New Galaxies Discovered

TelescopesAstronomers Pieter van Dokkum and Roberto Abraham made a friendly bet to see if one could group together some telephoto camera lenses in order to form a very powerful telescope. They nicknamed their new telescope the ‘dragonfly’ for resembling the eye of an insect with its odd assortment of camera lenses. What they discovered while using the telescope in the clear skies of New Mexico was seven new star formations that could either be dwarf galaxies or a larger spinning galaxy.

It will depend on the Hubble telescope to find out exactly what they are. It is undetermined exactly how far away these galaxies are so the scientists are eager to use the Hubble telescope to see if they can find the individual stars within these seven galaxies. The galaxies are all diffuse in nature, thus making it a very daunting task. These unknown galaxies may give researchers significant insight into mysterious dark matter and the evolution of galaxies. It will also give astronomers the rare opportunity to study galaxies not associated with our Milky Way galaxy. And they are likely to be isolated galaxies, ones that aren’t hovering near a bigger neighbor. But, it is still possible that they are dwarf galaxies orbiting around the M101 spiral galaxy. Although discovering these new galaxies is incredible, astronomers believe there are still thousands of them that have not been detected yet. These ambitious astronomers, who hail from Yale, still have plans to expand their telescope by dozens of lenses to see more clearly